expressive arts is used for deeper exploration of the inner selves. through imaginations and creative expressions, a person can become aware of own feelings, emotions, body. expressive arts is an intermodal discipline where people moves freely between drawing, painting, movement, music, drama, and poetry and while doing so they discover their own thinking process.

expressive arts create the supportive environment for us to go deeper more confidently. once we go down deep enough, all the problems, and new opportunities come to surface easily.

We are working with Güler since the beginning of 2017. I initially didn’t understand the need for a coach. However, in our coaching sessions to date she very much helped my personal development and encouraged me to review my interactions with my colleagues, and with my managers which resulted with substantive changes in how I engage with them. She gave me a different point of view and now I am able to recognize where I could improve myself. More importantly, I found balance in my work and personal life. Güler can -very easily and in a friendly environment- uncover the problem and provide the tools you need to develop yourself. With this, I can adjust my actions and modify my behaviors for increasingly positive results.- Gurkan Cezan - Gilead Pharmaceuticals
Thank you for the time that you have shared with me during the coaching sessions. It was very helpful during my journey to have such a professional feedback and guidance provided to me that I'm utilizing in my personal and professional life. My goals were and still are to improve on my professional judgment, planning and decision making. I also discovered areas of improvement that we jointly explored and worked on. I have accompanied our learning sessions with YouTube videos on self-improvement and books on emotional intelligence and collectively they are helping me better understand my thought process. I have the pleasure to work with you Guler and rate our session as an Excellent experience.- Tamer Odeh - Palo Alto Networks
It was a very good experience. From the beginning till the end, very well organized flow and a safe environment to open up. I discovered that my shadow is part of means I can become friend with it, ann change it and myself, so that I would have it as an inspiring challenge rather than a figure to blame. It all changed when I gave it a name. Thank you for this transformation in me!- Vaida, Good Festival’18, Lausanne, Switzerland
Thank you so much for listening, helping with your patience and understanding my deepest feelings without judgement. Thanks for your guidance so much progress in a short space of time.- Mark, Good Festival’18, Lausanne, Switzerland