coaching is all about the facilitation of the learning process of individuals and teams in order to improve their performances, unlock their potentials, gain awareness about their needs, desires goals, resources and talents.

Coaching helps individuals to describe their goals, desires and needs and take necessary actions towards the realization of them. It builds awareness, responsibility and motivation for the realization process through the supportive, expressive and creative environment. Coaching enables not only to describe but also to realize professional and personal goals smoother and faster manner.

It enables to transform the potential into the performance, become aware of your shadows and taking control over them, be more clear and focused on your desires and goals, motivate yourself and improve your performance, awaken your creativity and resources, manage career moves improve existing skills or build new skills, manage conflicts, develop strategical thinking


Team coaching and facilitation aim improvement of team effectiveness and team performance by enabling a trustful, creative and joyful environment. It supports team members to bring more of themselves to their work and actualize their best both as an individual and a team.

It enables to enlighten the shadows of the team, build trust within team members, examine common team values, build common goals and language within a team, support team members to give effective feedbacks to each other, create appreciative culture and improve motivation