creative coaching atelier is an energetic and passionate enterprise working for the development of individuals and companies. our desire is to create awareness so that individuals and teams may utilize their full potential, be more satisfied in life and get better business results.
Güler Kızıleniş Ulusman, PCC, CAGS in Expressive Art, MBA, MSc Professional Coach and Facilitator

Güler is one of the Professional Certified Coach – PCC, who entitled through International Coach Federation ICF. She is the founder of Creative Coaching Atelier. Currently, she works locally and internationally and specialized in coaching executives and his/her team, leaders, professionals, groups and organizations. She also has extensive experience in designing and implementing tailor made experiential training and workshops using expressive art and creative techniques for organizations. She has directed assessment center for talent management and leader selection process.

Güler adopts diversity, inclusion and creativity in her coaching in order to revitalize potential of executives, professionals, teams and organizations to achieve their best, create awareness about their strengths and shadows and go beyond their limitations. She supports her clients to integrate their awarenesses into the business and life experiences.

Today, Güler has an experience of more than 1250 hours in facilitating and training and over 1500 hours of coaching experience with groups and individuals.  She has coached top 500 Turkish companies and leaders from all over the world. She coaches Turkish and English. She lives in Switzerland.

Güler offers a diverse experience ranging from sales, marketing, business development and developing human potential as a coach, consultant and facilitator. Having had a major interest in Leadership Coaching, she completed the postgraduate program research, leadership and training on Expressive Arts Therapy, Consulting and Education  at Switzerland.

Guler worked in Philip Morris, as a sales and marketing professional. At the same time, she started to improve herself as a coach and facilitator in 2009. She graduated from Gestalt Coaching Program and started to work at Izgoren Academy, the institution of Ahmet Serif Izgoren, in the fields of training, consultancy and coaching. She moved to Cairo at 2013 and continued to coach mainly expats and leaders who live overseas countries.

Since, she has an engineering background, she is a strong problem solver and decision maker. She is able to work independently and collaboratively with team members and able to approach problems in a systematic way. She pays a good attention to detail and is well-organized, structured and proactive person. She uses art in her work to inspire her clients and boost clients’ creativity. She is able to think strategically and to learn quickly and she perceives, assesses, and manages teams and team members effectively. She loves music, painting, drawing and sailing.

Güler is married and mother of Mavi and Deniz.


Core Trainings
  • European Graduate School – CAGS, Expressive Art Therapy in Coaching, Consulting &Training, 2015-2016 – Switzerland
  • Jungian Coaching Schools – Jungian Coaching Program, 2016-17 – Turkey
  • Art Cafe Egypt – Applied and Fine Art, 2013-15 – Egypt
  • EGCP – Gestalt Mastery Program , 2012-13 – Turkey
  • EGCP – Working With Teams, Team Coaching, 2012-Turkey
  •  İzgören Akademi – İzgören Akademi Trainer Academy, 2011 – Turkey
  • Belbin – Belbin Team Roles Accreditation Program, 2011 –Turkey
  • EGCP- Eurasian Gestalt Coaching Program, 2010-11 – Turkey
  • Bilgi University – Masters Degree, MBA, 2010, Turkey
  • Sabancı University – Masters Degree, Industrial Engineering, 2006 – Turkey
  • METU – Undergraduate Degree, Chemical Engineering, 2004 – Turkey